Roof Installation Success Story

You may remember back on July 15, 2015 we notified you of a case that needed our attention for a new roof for this ill Mike D. new client of HDHM. If you follow below you will see what a small group of volunteers and contractors can do in a matter of one month.

Dear Peter,
My Danbury home has leaks in two locations from the roof. I’m in a difficult situation because a year ago last November I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. This cancer of the blood forced me to leave my staff position as photographer for the News Times. I had no intention of retiring and find myself struggling to get by on SS Disability. In today’s mail I had a notice from my home insurance company saying that the roof is to be repaired by 9/1/15 or they’ll cancel my coverage. I am hoping the Handy Dandy Handyman organization can help as I face a second winter with a tarped roof and the loss of my home insurance. Any help the HDHM organization can provide will be greatly appreciated. Home in question Leaks in kitchen 2 years. Thank you

When we met Mike July 15, 2015:
Needing new roof, new gutters, new exterior painting
When we left Mike August 15, 2015:
New Roof, New gutters w/ leaf guards, new shutters, new paint job

The Process over the 30 days:

20 volunteer painters ages 5 to 75 years old

Major contributors:

Aiello Roofing Company
Chris Aiello with 6 installers did the roof job in one day donating their days salary. Fabulous job. No photo available due to my computer crash. Chris Aiello Roofing

Gregg McKirdy Gutters
Gregg is a one man show making the one piece seamless gutters straight from his truck as long as 70′ if required. Amazing. All his time donated. Barbara/Gregg McKirdy
Brian Urso
Handyman Carpenter assisted by the Boss Man installed all new facier boards replacing the rotted wood. No photo available. All his time donated. Brian Urso

Rick Moreau
Store Manager Rings End New Milford Store: Donated all the exterior paint for the job. Tremendous help for our small budget. Rick Moreau

Thanks to several anonymous $$ donors who were instrumental in helping us pay for all the materials and perhaps a little left over for misc items for Mike D.

Other action shots from the workers at all levels. (No Pun Intended)

All in all it was a fabulous project with many hands and a spirit of giving for our client who has been informed by his doctor he only has 4-5 years to live.

God bless Mike and we thank him for allowing us this “Feel Good Day”.

Making a difference is what we do best

Remember to use these contractors for roof, gutters, and handymen services as a show of support for the volunteering they do with HDHM.


Pete Brady Boss Man
Handy Dandy Handyman

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