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Tax Deductible Donations

Thank you for considering to donate to this Handy Dandy Handyman Non Profit Company. Founded in 2000, we pride ourselves in working for the less fortunate in CT, and with the help of donors like you, we are able to work for our needy clients while at the same time pay for the materials we use, thus the cost to our clients is reduced to -0-.

We have set up a quick and easy method for making such a donation as indicated below. Thanks in advance for any consideration you can provide at this time. Your tax deductible receipt will be forwarded by our bookkeeper within 30 days of posting the donation.

Thank You.

To make a donation by mail:

Make your check payable to:
Handy Dandy Handyman
26 Shamrock Drive
Brookfield, CT 06804

Please note on the check if your donation is for a specific project
“A Non-Profit Company working as a Ministry” Fed ID 32-0092917

To make a donation for a Pete’s Repeats item you won online:

You will be taken to Paypal for Check Out, you do not need a paypal account to check out

Pete's Repeats Donation
Put in the Item Description or Number
Put in the Donation Amount

To make a donation online:

You may send your donation electronically and securely by credit card or from a Paypal account.

You do not need a Paypal account to send a donation using your credit card.

Please note on the form if your donation is for a specific project

Donate to HDHM

Please help us to continue our work.

Payments are processed securely via PayPal.

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