Rake n’ Bake History


History of Rake n’ Bake

In 1998, my wife and three daughters were somewhat new in the Brookfield community, and wanted to volunteer, and help senior citizens with raking their leaves in the fall season. We received help from five other folks, and raked leaves for two parishioners of Saint Joseph Catholic Church. Following the jobs, we headed to the local pizza parlor, and had a lunch celebration. Thus Rake n’ Bake was born.

In 2015, we organized our 16th Annual Rake n’ Bake with 1065+ volunteers stepping forward to assist 80 clients with their clean-up tasks, followed by a luncheon at Brookfield High School with clients, and volunteers consuming over 1000 hot dogs, and other delicious treats. We do not charge our clients for the work performed, nor do we charge for lunch.

All is done in the name of the Lord, through the Holy Spirit.

2016 promises to be another exciting growth year for clients, and volunteers alike.

If you would like to be part of this event, please contact Peter Brady at: peterbrady@hdhm.org

Peter and Carol Ann Brady